Sleeping Naked… Normal or Not?!?

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As most of you will come to find out, I am an avid watcher of Kathie Lee and Hoda.  My job is allows for me to watch it most days and I love it.  A new game show on OWN, Are You Normal, America, premiered last week.  The point of the show is to depict whether a person’s habits in life are normal or not by answering certain questions.

KLG and Hoda thought it would be fun to include the audience to see how normal they are.  Out of all the questions asked, one stood out the most and caused the most controversy.. is it normal to sleep naked?  Kathie Lee and Hoda BOTH thought that sleeping in the buff was absolutely normal but according to the survey, only 43% of people actually sleep in the nude.  Of course they were both shocked by this “revelation” and so were many of their viewers.

On today’s show they brought up the topic again because of the overwhelming response to last week’s show.  It seems as though the new game show got one wrong with that one.  Most people seem to be okay with sleeping naked, even Kathie Lee confessed to sleeping in nothing but her wedding ring – Go girl!!!!

I, myself, used to sleep in nothing but my underwear until our household grew and I felt that is was not appropriate to sleep naked, especially with a little one getting in my bed in the middle of the night.

Below, I included the link to the video and the article from  (Skip to the 6:20 mark on the video to watch this segment of the show.)

So I pose the question to you.. Is is normal or not to sleep naked?!?


Sleeping naked: Is it normal or not?

Tue Jun 5, 2012 12:00 PM EDT


By Julieanne Smolinski

A new game show called Are You Normal, America? premiered last night on OWN. It’s a kind of “Family Feud”-style guessing game of what Americans consider normal behavior. The show sent normalcy experts Kathie Lee and Hoda some sample questions, and they gamely guessed what a regular person might consider weird.

Live Poll

Do you think sleeping naked is normal or not?

  • Totally normal.
  • Not normal at all.

Total Votes: 12311

Among the things the ladies considered “Not Normal”: sucking a partner’s toes, standing someone up on a date, breaking up over the phone. And “Normal?” Love at first sight, skinny-dipping, and, yes, sleeping naked, which is where the survey respondents disagreed.

Kathie Lee and Hoda found this disparity particularly shocking, especially KLG, who copped to wearing nothing to bed but her wedding ring, frequently having to carry her dogs out of the bedroom in the buff.

Her explanation? “I was perimenopausal for a looooooong time.”

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