Concept 2 Creation S01E03


Designing a Logo then turning it into an animation
Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects

I go through the process of creating a logo in Adobe Illustrator with a farm and all vegetable feel and wrap around logo with the title ‘Healthy Cooking with Mama Renee’ for one of our network cooking shows. I then take the logo into Adobe Photoshop and create still versions of it that can be used on black, white backgrounds as well as a transparent version that can be placed on any colored background. Then I took the original Illustrator file into Adobe After Effects and finalize it by animating it with photos of some of the food she has made and used Kevin MacLeod‘s music to chop it up and match a final intro animation. If you enjoyed the episode, please rate it and leave me some comments, thanks!

Here is the final animation:

[Background Music]
Instrumental Beats created by Damien Lee Benoit
Songs with lyrics from Brad Sucks


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